2019 Formats – All at Co-operators Centre


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Sessions include a taped viewing of the players stride. Each player is given specific information on how to make their stride more efficient.  On-ice the focus is on quality repetition of corrective drills for both the forward and backward stride and acceleration.  At least 1/2 of each ice session focuses on Acceleration.

Sessions are designed to work on speed and stability during changes of direction. Pivots, all crossover skills (forward and backward starts, forward on curve, linear/lateral), tight turns, passive/aggresive transitions, etc.

Small Group
Clients must put their own group together. Class size can be 1 – 10 players. Player who books group is responsible for payment in full.  Bantam (and older) groups can request any week in July/August.  Younger groups can request August 19 and/or August 26 only.

$3000.00 (5 one hour on ice sessions plus video session. Ice cost included)

These Classes sell out fast!


The final class every summer. This class is only for players who are familiar with both Stride/Acceleration and Transition formats.  Players are given an opportunity to focus on the skills they want to spend more time working on, based on their previous classes.  Eg. forward or backward stride, crossovers, accelerations and transitions of choice.